Local Family Owned Hemp Business Mistakenly Thought To Have Been running an illegal Marijuana Operation
Has Run In With Multi-Agency Task Force

March 4, 2021, 9 AM: 

Around 20 Task Force Agents from entities of Jackson County Sherifs Department, Oregon Department of Agriculture, MADGE and Medford Police Department burst through the glass front door of the legal CBD hemp shipping facility at 6479 Crater Lake Hwy, Central Point, OR 97502.  They ripped open the side doors to the facility as well as the storage containers onsite while reportedly conducting a search for illegal THC marijuana.  The physical damage to the facility is estimated at $10,000.  When confronted about the damage they were causing to the physical facility, the agents responded with laughter, apparently aware that the facility they were invading was subdivided amongst two distinctly separate businesses.

When asked for identification, the agents provided none.  They proceeded to point firearms at the employees, and physically forced some of them outside for questioning. Some of the employees questioned that day were from the adjacent hemp business.  Legit Ship employees filmed video of the agents unplugging the facility’s security cameras and asking if there were any money on premises prior to demanding that the safe be opened.

The “warrant” they presented appeared to be a generic warrant with no business name, just a physical address to the building.  When Legit Ship’s principals attempted a dialogue with the agents, they were told that the raid had occurred in response to a car containing illegal THC flower having been stopped a few blocks away, something completely unrelated to Legit Ship. The principals were then informed that their Ag license had expired and to expect fines.

Legit Ship’s renewal paperwork had been submitted almost a year prior, and due to the bottleneck at Jackson County and complications related to Covid-19, the company was still waiting on its documentation to come through. On March 8, when Legit Ship chief Corey Rauch spoke to ODA about the wait time for license renewal, the response was that the raid on March 4 had jeopardized the renewal, which would allegedly have materialized on March 5.

Acting on sloppy, baseless intel, the law enforcement agents caused costly physical damage to a law-abiding business as well as considerable distress to the principals and employees of both businesses operating within the building.  Furthermore, law enforcement’s assault on Legit Ship has caused undue delay to their license renewal process.  Nothing was achieved except harassment, damages and a complete breakdown of trust in local law enforcement agencies. 

Click the button below to download a letter to the public from CEO of Legit Ship, Corey Rauch.