This Fall will be my fourth harvest in the CBD industry and over that period of time I’ve attended a few Hemp Trade shows. I think it was amazing how many booths and companies showed up to this event despite COVID still being around. Unfortunately there weren’t as many attendees as we had hoped so the majority of the show was connecting with people in the same part of the business as you, when ideally companies were hoping to meet distributors and retail buyers.
      The main focus at the expo seemed to be D8 which was a huge let down, not many were focused or discussing the benefits of CBD only about how it can be modified to get you high. That being said I did meet some great people, I was able to see what other companies considered top shelf and boutique trim around the US, I met mom and pop shops and seed growers growing strains I’ve never heard of.I met companies adding CBD to food and drinks for the benefits of CBD,CBG and CBN. 
     My favorite part about trade shows are definitely the people, not the products or the companies but meeting people around the world interested in building and achieving in the same industry as you and hearing all of the different commentary about the hurdles and laws in this industry.  
       I think it was definitely a missed opportunity for something that could have been a lot better. It was hard to find the  seminars that you wanted to attended because there were multiple floors and everything was very spaced out. The celebrity they said would be attending at a make up booth never showed though the girls working the booth would always say “she is almost here”. My goal at every trade show I attend is to walk away knowing atleast  5 new potential business opportunities with genuine people and I feel like that goal was achieved. 

— Taylor Padula

Hemp Inc.