King Of Hemp Caviar - Terpene Infused

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King Of Hemp Caviar - Terpene Infused

This smokable product provides a CBD & CBG explosion!

We start with high quality Southern Oregon Grown Bubba Kush hemp flower, coat them in a THC-Free distillate, and roll them in CBG rich kief. This makes the product highly potent, rich tasting, with less than 0.3% THC. Same great feeling, without the high!

Caviar should be smoked either by vaping or in your favorite pipe just as hash is smoked. We never recommend rolling it into a cigarette. For all our products, it is best to store in temperatures between 60 and 75 degrees, and in their provided containers in which you received the product in.

CBD %:       CBG %:        Δ9 %:        Total %:

45.9%         10.6%          0.10%        59.2%


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King Of Hemp Caviar - Terpene Infused

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