Bubba Kush #59 - 6348

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Bubba Kush #59 - 6348

Improved selections of Bubba Kush with high CBD content in a compact plant, beautifully-hued with purple to black fade and intense, unique terpene profiles with the many therapeutic effects of cannabidiol. The various Bubba Kush phenos have improved yield and pest/disease resistance especially to powdery mildew and bud rot as well as resistance to mites and thripid damage, closer compliance alignment and increased therapeutic benefits.

Dense, compact, Kush-type
Spicy, fruity, gassy, dank

CBD %:       CBG %:       Δ9 %:        Total %:

11.651%     0.078%      <LOQ       17.033%




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Bubba Kush #59 - 6348

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