Corey Rauch: The Captain

Adam Gillette: Chief Operating Officer

Ashley Jones: General Manager

Natasha Farley: Media Specialist


Hello, we are Team Legit and our Mission is to provide some clarity inside an industry full of clouded uncertainty! We are here to help provide a solution to every possible problem we encounter together as a team, and eventually as one unified industry! We are here to help provide safe, secure, and reliable transactions on 1 incredibly solid platform designed specifically for our rapidly growing Global Hemp Industry, and our platform is getting stronger every single day! We wish to conduct only good clean business with Direct Buyers, Suppliers, and Service Providers as we collaborate together creating many strong-long lasting business relationships on our journeys around the world! The way we see it is that everyone will be connected out here one way or another, so the more connections we all make together the stronger we will be as one! We are Team Legit and we will not stop until we have a One Stop Solution Shop for Everything Hemp!

I always tell my team if you really want something bad enough, anything is possible! See the Big Picture in your head, visualize what you want most in life and where you’d like to be… Then go get it! If you truly can’t see it then you’ll most likely never get it, because either you don’t want it at all or you don’t want it bad enough! Although our original Big Picture vision has never really changed, it has in fact overall transformed into something much larger! Nobody gave us an Employee Hemp Handbook out here, and Legit Ship was literally developed and created from a vision and built from the ground up back in 2019. We will continue to thrive in this industry full of unknowns, we will continue developing, creating, and coming up with unique solutions to new and reoccurring problems every single day!

who is legit ship

Legit Ship was originally created to connect vetted Buyers, Suppliers, and Service Providers within the Hemp Industry all together on one trusted network. In the beginning we did a lot of the run around game chasing our own tails until we got dizzy. For months it felt like we would soon be riding unicorns over rainbows while chasing leprechauns after their giant pot of lucky charms! Then… We woke up! We soon came to realize one of the main reasons none of these “Unicorn Deals” would ever close was because… 9 times out of 10 there was a line of “Broker Jokers” in-between the actual Buyer and Seller, many of them tacking on insane amounts of commissions and overall making it virtually impossible to close the simplest of transactions! Honestly if you ask me, looking in from the outside it was a absolute clown show, a complete circus act, and it was time for a change!

After months of running around like crazy with very little success, we had to take a step back and re-evaluate our situation… it was time to put our skills to the test and turn it up a notch, really take things to the next level! We spent a solid 6 months just developing, throwing ideas back and forth, creating templates in our head and then bringing them to life. In just 2 years we had built multiple programs from the ground up tailored specifically for the hemp industry, all with proven success from real Team Legit Members, and we will continue building every single day! We have evolved from simple Brokers ourselves, playing the run around game trying to connect the dots between Buyers, Suppliers, and Service Providers… to actually becoming a hardwired-direct connection to an extremely large network of Real Buyers, Premium Quality Products and Professional Services and we continue making new connections almost every single day!


“Brokers Jokers”, ultimately becoming one of the most horrific terms used in the Hemp Industry today! Real Buyers, Suppliers, and Service Providers hear the word Broker and they start scattering frantically, almost as if they were running from blood thirsty brain munching zombies! This is one of the main reasons we started our Affiliate Program. We decided it was time to give some of those Jokers a place to call home… well, some of the good ones anyway! Our Affiliate Program is an absolute dream job for a true Entrepreneur at heart! Could you imagine traveling the world simply making new connections, meeting new friendly faces, and creating a lifetime of fun filled memories almost every single day! Honestly, if you wanted to you could visit a new city, state, or country almost every single week… now imagine getting paid to do exactly that!

Effectively we could give just about anybody in the entire WORLD an opportunity to join Team Legit and start making real connections today! You just need to be motivated and hungry enough to chase your dreams, see that Big Picture in your head and just go get it! Live life on permanent vacation doing something you actually enjoy doing, and I promise you most days it doesn’t even feel like work at all! Our system is all about time and energy spent on making real connections, what you put in is what you get back out! Affiliates have a chance to earn commissions on all completed transactions between Buyers, Suppliers, and Service Providers they bring to the table. The best part is… its absolutely FREE! That’s right we offer in house training and get you making real connections, closing real deals in no time, and we don’t charge a thing!


Our Supplier Network Program was designed specifically to create a solid throughput of material for any Suppliers in the industry producing Premium Quality Products. It allows us to operate along the lines of an exclusive business relationship but does not trap either party under the strict exclusive terms. We collaborate very closely with our Suppliers focusing a lot of time and energy towards building, growing, and adapting together within our rapidly growing Hemp Industry. This helps provide much higher quality material to offer our customers and overall resulting in many more hassle-free completed transactions for the whole team!

We strive to provide some of the highest quality Products and most professional Services this industry has to offer! Our strict-professional business SOP allows us to make quick and easy onsite determinations about Products or Services we wish to add to our Portfolio and eliminates 90% of the nonsense before it can even walk through our front door! A very solid piece of our foundation and an overall industry standard vision for Team Legit is embraced on good clean business, and that quality comes first when hand selecting every single Product or Service we wish to be included in our Portfolio. We’ve done most of the foot work and heavy lifting for you on our side and we will continue to do so every single day!

We Are Team Legit
From Seed To Sale And Everything In Between,
We’ve Got You Covered!!!
Below are just a few key perks when becoming a new member of Team Legit!

Client Integration

Can you imagine people worldwide having direct access to the Premium Quality Products and Professional Services you can provide to the Hemp Industy? Joining Team Legit automatically integrates all of your Products and Services directly into our unique portfolio designed specifically for our Industry. Gain immediate access and front row seats to our entire global network filled with over 6000 vetted Buyers, Suppliers, and Service Providers, and we’re adding to that list making new business connections almost every single day!

Professional Services

Trying to find Professional Services inside a relatively new industry can be a little tricky and extremely terrifying at times not knowing if your really even being provided the proper service! From seed to sale and everything in between, we’ve got you covered! Legit Ship offers a number of in-house services to assist getting your material into the field, all the way to the shelf and into the hands of real end consumers! If there’s something we can’t personally do in-house we’re sure to help get you directly connected with a Professional Service Providers within our trusted global network!

Business Consulting

We fully understand how incredibly frustrating it can be when you just can’t seem to find the right solution to your problems! Have no fear! Legit Ship is here to help guide you on your journey to success! We offer up to 10 hours of free, one on one business consulting per year to help provide more premium-quality over average-quantity finished material from the field all the way to the finish line! Consistent quality control is very important and ultimately one of the main deciding factors on ALL of our Completed Transactions, which is why we want your product to be the best it can possibly be!!!

Annual Purchase Agreement

One of the biggest concerns being a Supplier is not knowing if your Supply will be sold at the end of each cycle or not?! Now this is not your standard Purchase Agreement, we understand you may want to keep some of your premium material for your very own outlets and we want to respect that 100%! Which is why Legit Ship offers to purchase anywhere from 10%, 50%, or even up to 100% of your entire inventory of Premium Products on an annual basis! Effectively, we leave the ultimate final decision up to our Suppliers as to how much volume they wish to sell us!

Market Fluctuation

As many of us have already experienced within the Hemp Industry the market is all over the charts, up and down from month to month and year to year. Legit Ship offers to negotiate fair market wholesale pricing with our Buyers in real time that works well for everyone involved! We conduct quarterly market evaluations which allows us to set the bar for new market values and trends. If we see an opportunity to spike up the market between quarters, we will push hard for it! The best part is if we make more money, our Suppliers make more money because if you succeed then we’ll all succeed together!

Sales & Marketing

Don’t you wish you could just focus on what you actually signed up for and making your supply the best supply it can be? Legit Ship offers to fully manage and integrate all of your existing accounts directly into our rapidly growing global hemp network of vetted Buyers, Suppliers, and Service Providers. Ultimately taking a huge weight off your shoulders and freeing up much more of your valuable time, allowing you to focus on what you enjoy doing most and providing our industry with some of the Highest Quality Material possible!

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We Never Forget Our Foundation.

We have a very large network that is growing every single day. Most of our contacts we have gained organically, however a good portion we have been introduced to by contacts working very closely with our team. We keep track of references in our system so that anybody bringing us contacts or deals can be compensated for the time and energy they have invested into helping us out. Commissions may vary depending on time and energy spent, information or deal provided, and are only paid upon completed transactions. Interested in working with our team? Contact us today for more details, anybody can make money using our system.